Wes Anderson Posters

This was a series I set out to do, as a tribute to one of my all-time favourite film makers, Wes Anderson. After finding that the majority of posters of Anderson films contained obvious items such as the suitcases in Darjeeling limited or the submarine in Life Aquatic, I decided I wanted to try and create posters which contained items from the films. I feel as if throughout his films, Wes tells us a lot about the characters through the items they carry, and it does seem that he places importance on these items throughout the films. I decided to create these posters using only these items for example, the medicine bottles that the brothers all drink almost ritualistically, or how in Royal Tenenbaums, each sibling appears to have something they can't let go of from their past (chas's BB pellet, Richie's Tennis headband, and Margot's smoking habit, or wooden finger) It is still incomplete as I still need to add Grand Budapest Hotel and Fantastic Mr Fox. I will add these as soon as they are done, but until then, please feel free to compliment and criticise me on these!

Bottle Rocket
Royal Tenenbaums (Margot Tenenbaum's Brand of secret cigarettes)
Life Aquatic
Hotel Chevalier
Darjeeling Limited (the medicine the brothers all use)
Moonrise Kingdom
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